“It wasn’t that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, at the time I was having difficulty seeing the trees for the jungle!

After a few sessions with Jackie’s positive and inspiring approach first the jungle then the trees parted as she helped show me a path through my turbulent times and beyond into a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Thank you Jackie.”

- Denis Greenall, Carlow


“Through life coaching Jackie has helped me focus on the areas of my life that make the difference between going through life or living life!

Jackie has given me the tools to choose all that is important in my life and help remove those things that interfere with my own enjoyment in life.“

- PMA, Kilkenny


“When I met Jackie my world instantly changed for the better. I was experiencing some difficulties in my workplace and decided to attend a life coaching session to see if this would help me cope. This decision hanged my life. Jackie gave me the skills I needed to embrace the change that was occurring in my workplace. With Jackie’s support I began to reflect on these occurrences as positive changes in my life and as a result I began to feel like me again. Jackie’s approach is one of kindness and compassion. She is a great listener, non-judgemental, and is extremely professional at what she does. Jackie gave me great insight into understanding the impact certain choices in my life were making on me. She gave me the confidence to take control,, and taught me to become more aware of taking care of myself. I am forever grateful for all Jackie has done for me. She changed my life for the better, gave me back my confidence and taught me skills that will stay with me forever”.

- Rose Lyster


"In 2006 I met Jackie through a mutual hobby. Since then she has been a voice of reason, an adviser, and a very good friend. In 2011, when I was diagnosed with a serious illness, she continued to support me and keep me buoyed up through surgeries and treatment. 

Jackie has a remarkable intuition when it comes to people. She demonstrates incredible understanding and empathy and her affable personality allows those who meet her to feel at ease. She lives by Don Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements of being 'impeccable with her word, not taking things personally, not making assumptions, and always doing her best'. 

She challenged me in a kind and non-judgmental way to go deep within myself, to look at problems in a different way, and to find my own answers. She encouraged me to view myself, my life, and the world around me as beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and positive.”

- M. Murphy, Wexford


"I met Jackie by chance through a friend. I was not familiar with the concept of life skills coaching, so I asked her tell me about it. After she explained, I knew that this was something that I need to do for myself. I needed help to find the right direction with my outlook on my personal development.Through our coaching sessions I got great insights into my life and new awareness of avenues that were open to me. Meeting Jackie was like finding the missing piece to move on in my life in a much better way

I will never be able to thank Jackie enough.

Thank you again Jackie "

- J Foley, Leinster


  "2010 brought a lot of unwanted change for me and I was finding it difficult to cope. My situation was beginning to get me down. I have known Jackie for many years within the hair and fashion business and knew she had been studying different aspects of holistic living and coaching, so I went along and booked my first coaching session. I am still amazed at how quickly I started to see that some of the choices I was making, were actually adding to my burden. She helped me see this for myself. I am now back in the driving seat of my life, thanks to Jackie's objectivity, support and genuine empathy. "

- S B, Kilkenny


 "During a difficult time in my life I went to Jackie for a one to one Life Overview session. Her beautiful sea-side retreat was the breath of fresh air I needed to unwind and engage with Jackie. The peaceful surroundings allowed me to truly relax and really look at where I was at that time. Jackie enabled me to explore different aspects of my life; my relationships and friendships, how I was spending my time and my interests. I was able to see things in a new way and reflect upon the demands I was making of myself and others. Jackie’s calm, sincere and considerate approach really helped me to consider where I was going and she gave me practical and realistic ways to reach a happier, more balanced life. Thank you so much Jackie – a year later I am still reflecting on the insights I gained. I am a happier, relaxed, confident and calm person – everyone has noticed the difference! "

- Deirdre, Kildare